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this is spiritual †

I just cant anymore

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when you working 9 to 5 just to stay alive and satan comes to fuck everything up.

when you working 9 to 5 just to stay alive and satan comes to fuck everything up.

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this is my favorite tweet of 2014


this is my favorite tweet of 2014

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Celebrities who copy Beyoncé: one direction

yeahhh but beyonce ‘4’ was a flop. One Directions ‘four; is going to run circles around hers.

One Directions Debut album sold more than ‘4’

Now I don’t know what particular brand of crayons you’re grinding up and snorting through your nostrils or injecting into your pasty arm but you’re getting detoxed today. Let’s begin. Does 1D have a 10M selling album under their belt? How about an 8M selling album? Shit, a 7M selling album at least? No? damn! because I KNOW you’re not trying to come for 4 when the era lasted for all of 5 months due to Bey’s pregnancy where she was MIA for most of it…Fun fact: 4 outsold Midnight Memories in the US and they sold the same in the UK as well… w/ less than half the promo and effort from Bey lol. And if you wanna talk flops, let’s talk singles bc all of theirs always literally BOMB. Not just in the states… but WW! LMAO! Bey sold 104M singles and over 31M albums and if we’re talking total career sales then she’s at 200M+ records sales and I doubt they’ve even sold a quarter of that w/ their back to back albums LOL! 4 also won a Grammy! LMAO! Stick to the JB fans and 5SOS fans bc trust when I say y’all don’t want it w/ the hive, ok?


Comparing apples to oranges is immature. Beyonce has been around since Destiny’s Child so over ten years. She also has a mastermind music husband who handles her shit. Don’t talk about a group that’s taken over the world in just FOUR years, as their fourth album’s title Four reminds everyone. Also, want to talk about how One Direction’s WWA tour hasn’t even finished and already beat out Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter tour in attendance and gross? Let’s talk about how Destiny’s Child debuted at 67 where as One Direction debuted at number one on the Billboard Charts on their first album. I think we all know who’s doing better here, One Direction. Learn your shit before you talk. 

Are y’all masochists? Bc the last lashing was severe and I did not expect for y’all to return to have salt poured in the cuts. That’s right! Bey has been around for more than 10 yrs… 17 to be exact! That’s that longevity. Look it up. Jay Z has nothing to do w/ the management of Bey’s career which is why she’s #1 on Forbes and he isn’t! 1D is #28 LMAO! What does that say? They’re simply just a cash cow. And fool, of course a stadium tour would outdo an arena tour bc 1 venue is like 3x the size of an arena… BUT if y’all wanna go there, the ON THE RUN TOUR is the 2nd most successful tour of all time when it comes to gross and attendance and they didn’t even do 20 dates so imagine if it was a WW tour LMAO! And Yes, DC debuted at #67 with their first album bc they actually had to WORK for their success and didn’t have it thrown upon them like 1D bc they were attractive but guess what? their second album did 13M. That’s more than 2x 1D’s first 2 albums put together! LOL! Destiny’s Child has sold a whopping 36 MILLION albums. LMFAO! Bey wins again. Stop eating glue, guys.

The fact that these pestisides crawled out of their ditches for a second round of Raid. I’m screaming. The fact that they continue to compare One Direction to Beyoncé when they can’t even push 2 million+ sold units in the US with none of their single albums. The fact that Beyoncé can push more units in the UK (they’re home country) than they can. The fact that their most sold single was pushed by complication albums like NOW and Kidzbop. The fact that 1D can’t spell longevity with autocorrect being given to them because their albums tank after month 4-5. The fact that “taking over the world” is not being able to match your next album because you keep getting uglier and there’s more rats (5SOS) snatching your white girl audience. She has said it before and I will say it again. Please keep your drama with the forgotten Disney stars and breadstick shaped white girls because the Hive has something else for y’all.

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Happy almost birthday NV.   #PiconPunch #Sesquicentennial #HomeMeansNevada (at Martin Hotel)

Happy almost birthday NV. #PiconPunch #Sesquicentennial #HomeMeansNevada (at Martin Hotel)

One of Beyoncé’s models for her VMA Vanguard Award performance tells a story about how Beyoncé comforted her before the show began. So sweet!

This is beautiful. 

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i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got my wisdom teeth out ??

I wasnt ready

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Amidst all of these flashing lights I pray the fame won’t take my life

my favorite performance ever. I live for this

Amidst all of these flashing lights I pray the fame won’t take my life

my favorite performance ever. I live for this

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